Take Action:

Tell the Ford government that safe and healthy schools need air conditioning!

Toronto is currently experiencing a heat wave, with dangerously hot and humid conditions. This prolonged heat wave poses higher health risks for children and our most vulnerable. Rather than investing in the health and wellbeing of our students and teachers, Doug Ford wants to spend $1 billion putting beer a few months early into gas stations and corner stores. Our kids deserve better.

In the TDSB, only 177 of 582 schools have central air conditioning. While some TDSB schools offer “cooling centres”, this band-aid solution is not sustainable and unacceptable. The TDSB currently has a repair backlog of $4.2 billion. Investments in our older school infrastructure are urgently needed to ensure that schools are safe and healthy environments to learn. 

I’m requesting that the Provincial Government urgently addresses this issue by allocating funds to retrofit older schools to include air conditioning and continue to mandate air conditioning in newly built schools. Please read my advocacy letter to the Minister of Education here.

Parents and loved ones should not have to worry about their child’s health and safety at school. The people who work in our schools deserve a safe and healthful workplace. It’s time for Queen’s Parl to take leadership and responsibility, instead of passing the buck to our underfunded and backlogged school boards, to finally ensure our schools stay cool inside when the weather outside is hot.

To make your voice heard, sign the petition below showing your support for healthy and safe schools.