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Ask Your City Councillor to Protect Tenants

Ask your City Councillor to strengthen RentSafeTO by moving forward with real protections for tenants and meaningful penalties for bad landlords. 

Every tenant deserves a clean, safe, healthy home. Renters pay rent, but unfortunately some landlords see their buildings as just a source of income, rather than as people's homes. That's why we need a strong City program that protects tenants' basic living standards and their right to live in an apartment free of mould and pests, with working appliances and basic safety standards.

It's been seven years since the City first approved RentSafe, yet very few of the commitments made were ever implemented. The recommendations supported by the Planning and Housing Committee finally provide staff the power to perform real enforcement and place serious penalties on the bad landlords who don't follow the rules. But the fight isn’t over - your help is needed to ensure that City Council follows Planning and Housing’s recommendations.

Tenant advocacy groups including ACORN, FMTA and ACTO are advocating for these important changes to the RentSafe program. Fill out the form below to tell your Councillor that your vote in the next election depends on them choosing to protect tenants.