Synchronization of Traffic Signals and Streets By-law Update Public Open Houses

Dear Friends and Residents,

I believe one of City Hall's priorities should be taking prudent measures to tackle gridlock.  Therefore, along with my motion to increase fines and enforcement during rush hour, I have written to the City's Public Works and Infrastructure Committee requesting them to instruct Transportation Services to report back on the possible implementation of Synchronized Traffic Signals in the City of Toronto.  You can see the full letter here.

Oriole Park Neighbourhood Garage Sale

The Oriole Park Association (OPA) is sponsoring a garage sale in its neighbourhood on Saturday, September 24th.  So if you live in the area bounded by Chaplin Crescent in the south, Yonge Street in the east and Eglinton in the north, this is your chance to turn some of those unused items in your garage into cash.  The Association is advertising the event in the Toronto Star and the Village Post and they will post signs in strategic areas to direct interested buyers into the area.  For more details and information on how to have your address listed in the Star ad, check out their website at www.orioleparkassociation.com.

Provincial Education Debate in St Paul's on Education Issues

TDSB Trustee Shelley Laskin will be hosting a St Paul’s Provincial Candidates Debate on Education Issues. It will be at Northern Secondary School on September 20th from 7:00 to 9:00pm, and will be moderated by Toronto Star Education Reporter Louise Brown.

For more information please email Shelley Laskin at [email protected] or you can call her office at 416-397-3094.

Official Plan Review -- Public Consultation Meetings

You are invited! Join City Staff at one of the six Open Houses being held across Toronto in September. These Open Houses are part of the first stage of the Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Reviews. This is a great opportunity to help shape your city, and share with them your observations and ideas on planning in Toronto.

Open House Format

You can attend at any time between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. to view displays and share your insights with City staff. A presentation and facilitated discussion will occur at 4:00 p.m. and again at 7:30 p.m. so you can attend the session that works with your schedule. See below for schedule dates and locations.

If you're unable to attend an open house, you will be able to review the open house material on-line. Display boards, handouts and the presentation along with a summary of each open house will be posted on this page. You can also complete a survey or submit your comments at any time.

Tuesday, September 13
Metro Hall
Room 308/309
55 John St.
Wednesday September 14
Etobicoke Civic Centre
399 The West Mall
Tuesday, September 20
Scarborough Civic Centre
Council Chamber / Foyer
150 Borough Dr.
Wednesday, September 21
East York Civic Centre
Council Chamber / Foyer
850 Coxwell Ave
Monday, September 26
York Civic Centre
Council Chamber / Foyer
2700 Eglinton Ave West
Tuesday, September 27
North York Civic Centre
Members Lounge / Foyer
5100 Yonge Street

For more information please visit the City website at www.toronto.ca/opreview/index.htm.

Solid Waste Collection Changes – effective Tuesday, September 6th

Solid Waste Management continues efforts to increase efficiency by maximizing the automated truck collections.  The reconfiguring of the collection routes will require a change in residential collection days for some areas.

All households in Ward 22 BETWEEN YONGE AND BAYVIEW will have a change in their pickup.  This affects approximately 4,500 homes.

(click on the image for a larger picture - the boundary between "Wednesday 2" and "Thursday 2" is Mt. Pleasant Rd.)

If your new pickup schedule is now "Wednesday 2", you will start the cycle on Wednesday, September 7 with putting out your GARBAGE and Green Bin.  You can find the "Wednesday 2" calendar at www.toronto.ca/garbage/single/calendars/wednesday_2.pdf If your new pickup schedule is now "Thursday 2", your date stays the same but your garbage and recycling weeks will switch, with GARBAGE and Green Bin being picked up on Thursday, September 8.  You can find the "Thursday 2" calendar at www.toronto.ca/garbage/single/calendars/thursday_2.pdf.

Update on Davisville (June Rowlands) Park Splash Pad construction

The Davisville (June Rowlands) Park Splash Pad construction has been delayed by two weeks.

While I've been told that weather was the cause for the delay, like many of you, I am frustrated that we were told that this splash pad would be ready for the community by a deadline that has come and gone- as I expect that when Parks staff provide us with information, it will be accurate.

This morning I spoke with Tony Nagy, Senior Project Coordinator with Parks, Forestry & Recreation,and he assured me that the splash pad will indeed be open for use by  the July 16th weekend, weather permitting. I consider this a hard deadline and told Mr. Nagy that the community will expect so too.

I very much appreciate your patience and understand your justified frustration, which I have shared, and I am determined to see this project through to fruition.

Our new splash pad will be a wonderful asset for the Davisville Village neighbourhood and our entire community and I look forward to seeing our local children enjoying it very soon

July 4th, 2011 Update

Dear friends,

I hope you had a fun and relaxing Canada Day weekend.

For your information, I'm providing you with a brief update on three items that may be of interest to you.

  1. TOMORROW, July 5:  Eglinton 2020 (LRT) Forum
  2. Oriole Park Update
  3. Summerlicious - July 8 to 24, 2011

1.  Eglinton 2020 (LRT) Forum

Date:  Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time:  7:00 to 8:30 pm

Place:  Forest Hill United Church - 2 Wembley Road - off Bathurst, 1 block North of Eglinton Ave W

I invite you to join me, other community leaders and interested stakeholders interested in participating in the planning and shaping of Eglinton Avenue both above ground as under ground work begins on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.  We will be talking about shaping the middle of the city – Eglinton Avenue – in a sustainable, neighbourhood and business friendly way where pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and people of all ages can live and move on the street.

Seating is limited and RSVP is required - please contact the Office of MPP Mike Colle by phone at (416) 781-2395 or email at mcolle.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org.

Please visit the Eglinton 2020 website or check out their page on Facebook.

2.  Oriole Park Update

At long last, our new playground at Oriole Park is now open! Thank you to everyone, including local residents and parks staff, who I've worked with to see this through to fruition by the Canada Day deadline I set. This is possibly Toronto's most beautifully designed playground. And it now belongs to our community.

3.  Summerlicious - July 8 to 24, 2011

Take advantage of the incredible value of 3-course prix fixed menus at 150 of Toronto's favourite restaurants, whether it is for lunch or dinner.  Reservations recommended.  For more information on participating restaurants, please visit the City of Toronto website.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (416) 392-7906 or reply to this email.

Best regards,


Councillor Matlow's May 2011 Update: Northern Field, Garbage Debate, Works Projects, Etc.

1. Funding for Northern School Field Approved By Community Council

2. Garbage Debate Far From Over

3. Avenue Road Watermain Update.

4. Toronto Service Review

5. Doors open Toronto

1. Funding for Northern School Field Approved By Community Council

I'm happy to report that today at City Hall, Toronto East York Community Council approved a development on Roehampton Avenue that will result in $500,000 toward a new field at Northern Secondary School, along with an additional $500,000 toward a new local park. The funding will be secured through a section 37 agreement between the City of Toronto and K & G Construction, owner of 299 Roehampton.

The Clarke Pulford Field, named after a former Northern physical education teacher, has long been in need of revitalization. The playing surface is patchy, full of holes and can be unusable at times. While working with the Northern community as a School Trustee, I saw first -hand the passion and dedication that students, alumni and parents have for this project. Through countless fundraising events including a "taste of the town" evening, raffles for Maple Leafs tickets and a 24 hour camp out on the field, the Northern Secondary School Foundation has remarkably raised over $1 million.

The new field will consist of a 400-metre, four-lane running track and a full football and soccer field built to professional standards. The grass will be replaced by high-quality artificial turf while bike racks and fencing will also be installed. The playing area will be used by physical education classes, Northern's many successful athletic teams and will provide recreational opportunities for the wider community. Through hard work, a consensus was reached on a Community Use Agreement at a recent meeting at City Hall with the support of Shelley Laskin, our School Trustee, the Sherwood Park Residents' Association as well as Northern students, staff, parents and alumni. When not in use for school activities, the field will be available for neighbourhood residents to play soccer, frisbee, running and many other activities.

I am honoured to be in the position to complete this project through City Council next month where I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure that the remaining $500,000 needed for the field is approved.

We're nearing the end of a long journey to create a field that will merit the excellence of Northern's athletes and will be accessible to local residents. Thank you to our entire school and residential community for your support.

2. Garbage Debate Far From Over

Despite media reports that have suggested otherwise, garbage pick-up has not been privatized. Council voted to allow staff to issue a Request for Quotations (RFQ) from private bidders. Once those bids are received Council will vote on whether to accept, reject or amend the contracts.

Please read my column from Monday's Toronto Star for further information:


During last week's debate on whether to accept private bids for waste collection, all four of my amendments were supported by Council. They helped to ensure that the environment, public service and taxpayer protection would be paramount if we choose to go down this path. I believe these amendments reflected much of the feedback I've received from residents.

Please click this link to view the amendments:

Motions by Councillor Matlow

3. Avenue Road Watermain Update.

I have some good news with regards to the Avenue Road Watermain reconstruction project.  While this is a necessary project for our city's infrastructure, it has also greatly impacted the amount of gridlock in the area and has understandably frustrated many local residents – including myself.

I can report that as of last week several lanes were re-opened to traffic including:

1) Along Avenue Rd. from Poplar Plains to just south of Balmoral

2) Along Avenue Rd. from just north of St. Clair to Lonsdale

3) Along Lonsdale from Avenue Rd. to Oriole Parkway

4) Along Oriole Parkway from Lonsdale to just north of Wilberton

There are lanes that are still closed along Avenue Road across the intersection of St. Clair.  These should be re-opened until work is completed in that area by the end of June.

I have been informed by Water that the City was considering replacing watermains on Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton West

I have requested that the construction be finished on Avenue before either one of the other projects begins and, if possible, to wait for the construction of the Eglinton Crosstown before moving ahead with that project so the work can be done at the same time.

City staff has confirmed that those projects will be delayed.

4. Toronto Service Review

To address Toronto's 2012 budget gap of $774 million, City Council has launched a review of all of its services and implemented a multi-year financial planning process.The City of Toronto is reviewing the services it provides and looking at how they can best be delivered to Toronto residents.

As part of the review, a public consultation process has been launched called the Toronto Service Review.  This is your chance to send a strong signal to City Councillors and the Mayor about the kind of Toronto we want to live in and pass on to our children.  To find summary and detailed information on each service, facts and figures about the City's budget and decision-making processes, please go to:  http://www.toronto.ca/torontoservicereview/.  You can also fill in the online feedback form to directly provide your input.

5. Doors open Toronto

Finally I would encourage you to participate in Doors Open Toronto on Saturday and Sunday May 28th and 29th.  This is one of the city's most popular annual events, which provides free access to buildings of architectural, historic, social and cultural significance.

Some of the buildings you can visit in Ward 22 include;

City of Toronto Archives at 255 Spadina Road

Empress Building -  at 124 Merton Street

Fire Station 311 -  at 20 Balmoral Avenue

Frontier College -- Gzowski House at 35 Jackes Avenue

Grace Church on-the-Hill at 300 Lonsdale Road

Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens at 285 Spadina Road

Most buildings will be open from 10:00am – 5:00pm on both days – but some building hours do vary so please visit the Doors Open website at www.toronto.ca/doorsopen/buildings.htm

I particularly would like you to join me at Fire Station 311 at 20 Balmoral.  The station is celebrating its 100th Anniversary – and I will be there for a special ceremony at 1pm.

I hope you found this informative. For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact my office at (416) 392-7906 or email [email protected].

Best Wishes,


Update on Toronto Transit Plan

Dear residents,

This morning, Premier McGuinty and Mayor Rob Ford announced a new plan for rapid transit expansion in Toronto. The mayor’s plan replaces the previous Transit City initiative which would have seen Light Rapid Transit (LRT) lines on Eglinton, Sheppard, Finch and through Scarborough with some portions built underground.

Mayor Ford has put forward a transit plan that will put the entirety of the Eglinton LRT line underground and a replace the Scarborough Rapid Transit line with an LRT. The Mayor has also proposed to construct a $4 billion subway on Sheppard Ave using private financing.

The original Metrolinx plan for the Eglinton LRT, funded by the provincial government, called for the line to be underground from Black Creek to Laird. The difference between the plans is that an 8km portion of the Eglinton line from Laird east to Kennedy will now also be underground at an additional cost of $2 billion. To bury this portion of the line, Toronto will have to reallocate funds away from the proposed Finch West LRT, as the City would no longer have the capital dollars to construct a rapid transit line there. However, there is some discussion about enhancing bus service along that route.

It is important to note that there is no additional money from the Province towards today's announcement. The City will be required to fund the Sheppard subway on its own. The Mayor has mused about various private financing schemes but has yet to provide formal details. While I strongly support transit expansion for Toronto, without ensuring that the revenue needed for the ongoing operating costs can be found, I am concerned that constructing subways through suburban areas of Toronto with low densities will become a long-term liability for taxpayers. The current stretch of the Sheppard subway is already subsidised by our property taxes due to low ridership.

I applaud the provincial government’s commitment to fund rapid transit expansion for our city and am delighted that work will begin on the Eglinton line this year- something we’ve been waiting for far too long. In addition, when funding is made available, I'd like to see the Eglinton line extend to Pearson airport and beyond as part of a regional transit strategy.

I am concerned, however, about the process in which this plan has been delivered as Toronto residents have not been consulted and there is no surety that this plan, nor its finances, will be debated at Council. It is also prudent to consider the estimated $49 million that Toronto will have to pay to cancel the Transit City plan at a time when there is a projected $784 million gap in the 2012 City operating budget.

Public transportation is the primary mode of travel for many of us and affects the planning of our neighbourhoods. Toronto residents deserve an opportunity to provide their input regarding the future of transit as it is an integral part of our lives.

Ultimately, I believe we need to have a thoughtful, evidence-based debate at Council to achieve a financially feasible transit plan with a detailed, transparent budget that will be accessible to as many Torontonians as possible.

To ensure your ability to have your voice heard, I plan to co-host a town hall meeting on transit in the coming weeks with fellow midtown city councillors to hear your feedback and answer any questions you might have. We will send you details about the date and location very soon along with posting on my website at: www.joshmatlow.ca. Meanwhile, always feel free to send me an email to [email protected]


Josh Matlow
Toronto City Councillor
Ward 22, St. Paul’s

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