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Community Update for July 15, 2015

Update on Midtown Power Outages

I've heard from many of you that recurring power outages over the past several months have been disrupting your daily lives, from resetting alarm clocks to damaging electronic devices. My family and I have also been affected by these outages and share your frustrations, not only about the inconveniences they can cause but also the dramatic increase in the frequency at which they are occurring compared to past years.

City Hall and Community Update for June 16, 2015

First Meeting of Tenant Issues Committee This Thursday

The first meeting of the new Tenant Issues Committee will be this Thursday, June 18, 7-9pm, at City Hall in Committee Room 2. Tenants make up over 50% of Toronto's residents and have specific rights and responsibilities that are governed by City of Toronto by-laws and provincial legislation. Tenants have the right to live in a clean, well-maintained home and deserve fair representation when being faced with unfair rent increases or eviction.

Lois Lilienstein- Our community is grateful

Lois Lilienstein- Our community is grateful

Dear residents,

I was preparing an e-newsletter for you on an array of local and city hall issues but there is a one specific reason I'm writing to you this evening. I will send my regular update to you on Monday.

I am very saddened to share with you that Lois Lilienstein, of the beloved children’s music trio Sharon, Lois & Bram, passed away last night due to a rare form of cancer. She was at peace, surrounded by family and friends.

As part of the Toronto-based group, Lois had delighted children (and their parents) since 1978, introducing many of us to a love of music.  Many of us know her best from the Elephant Show which originally aired on the CBC during the 1980s and has lived on for generations of children in reruns. It is a testament to the timeless appeal of Sharon, Lois, & Bram’s music that many of our kids, and those of us who grew up being entertained by them, can recite the “Skinnamarink” verbatim three decades later.

Lois has been recognized for her talents winning both Junos and Gemini awards during her long career. In 2002 the trio received the Order of Canada, making the Chicago-born Lois one of the few non-Canadians to receive this honour.  Last year, I had the privilege of honouring their legacy as longstanding members of our Midtown community, and to children everywhere, by naming the playground at June Rowlands (Davisville) Park after Sharon, Lois and Bram along with Toronto's only park sign shaped as an elephant. I am heartened that the Lois was able to perform at the concert for the playground naming ceremony and that her family was in attendance to watch her. That concert was a special day for my family as I know it was for many others in our neighbourhood and from other parts of our city and indeed, from across North America.

As we work as a community to move forward with more exciting improvements to this playground, I intend to find an appropriate way, with her family, to further recognize the late, and forever loved, Lois Lilienstein. Along with Bram and Sharon, Lois helped make so many childrens' lives magical and musical. I was certainly one of those kids.

With love and condolences to her family, friends, Sharon, Bram and all who have been touched by her music,


City Hall and Community Update for April 2, 2015

Dear residents,

I hope you find my most recent update to you below interesting and informative. City Council just concluded a three day meeting that was productive but clearly demonstrated to me a need to improve the way council conducts our city's business. I share Mayor Tory's interest in raising the level of civility and decorum during our public debates and better placing council's focus on Toronto's priorities. I am still optimistic, despite the behavior of a few, that this new era at city hall will be one we can be proud of.

City Hall and Community Update for March 13, 2015

Dear residents, I've enjoyed seeing so many of you recently at community events, while I've been visiting local small businesses, meeting residents in the community or simply walking in our neighbourhoods, parks or ice rinks with my family. I'm also happy to tell you that it's been a busy and productive time at city hall with a renewed spirit of cooperation and optimism. That being said, I remain focused on our local priorities and the many real challenges facing our city by taking what I hope is an accessible, honest, determined and evidence-based approach to public policy decisions.

Power almost fully restored

Dear Residents,

Keeping you updated regarding community and City Hall issues is a top priority to me. When there are emergencies such as last winter's ice storm or today's power outage, I work to ensure that you have current information on what actions are being taken.

Since learning of the power outage this morning, I have been communicating throughout the day with Toronto Hydro. I was recently advised that there are only three buildings without power, of 8,000 initially affected. I will continue closely monitoring the situation until every resident has their power restored. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel welcome to contact Toronto Hydro at 416-542-8000.

I hope you have a very enjoyable and, most importantly, warm Family Day weekend!

Best regards,


Update on this morning's power outage

Dear Residents,

At 10:30 am today, power went out from Eglinton south to Wellesley and Spadina east to Yonge. With the extremely cold weather that's been forecasted for this weekend, I was very concerned and immediately contacted the Office of the President of Toronto Hydro for an update.

I've been advised that both Toronto Hydro and Hydro One crews are on site and are working to determine the cause of the outage. While we don't currently have an estimated time for the restoration, I can assure you that crews are focused on the restoration process. As soon as I receive further information from Toronto Hydro, I will let you know.

If you are aware of a senior or anyone else affected by the power outage that is on their own without access to the internet, TV or radio, please consider checking in on them.



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