A Responsible & Compassionate 2012 City of Toronto budget approved

Dear Friends and Residents,

On Tuesday, January 17th, City Council approved a responsible and compassionate budget that reflected the voices of Ward 22 residents, and the majority of Torontonians. I am very pleased that Council was able to come together and save many important municipal supports for children, seniors, the less fortunate and the environment. These services were protected by the efforts of many councillors that I worked with day and night over the past weeks to achieve a better outcome for Toronto. I am pleased to have helped bring together colleagues from different political stripes and areas of the city to protect childcare, transit, recreational facilities and many other social supports. The specific programs and services protected today include:

  • $5 million to the TTC to help prevent service cuts
  • $3.9 million to prevent proposed cuts to libraries
  • $2.8 million to restore funding to the Community Partnerships Investment Program  which support seniors, newcomers and youth
  • $1.97 million to restore funding for 3 housing shelters
  • $1.68 million for the school-based childcare rent subsidy
  • $1.3 million to restore youth programs at Priority Centres
  • $680,000 for programming at 5 school-based pools
  • $670,000 to restore child care centre programming
  • $323,000 for climate change and energy sustainability programs
  • $260,000 for ice rink programming

The programs protected by city councillors demonstrate that our municipal government is able to deliver for Torontonians when faced with measures that would negatively affect many residents. This example of effective, bi-partisan cooperation should be continued in the coming months to deliver a realistic transit plan and take control of local planning by ridding our city of the OMB.

Thank you to the many Ward 22 residents who took the time to write letters in support of crucial programs to the Mayor and members of his Executive and Budget Committees. It is also important to remember that our city was originally presented with potential cuts that would have severely damaged the social fabric of our communities including:

  • A reduction of subsidized child care spaces
  • Eliminate or charge a premium fare for Blue Night (late night) bus and streetcar     network
  • Close City museums
  • Closing some library branches
  • Eliminate Environment Days
  • Eliminate the Hardship fund which provides medical products to low-income residents
  • Dental care for low-income residents
  • Reduce or eliminate grants funding for arts organizations

These services were protected prior to this week's budget debate because of your advocacy. Your voice made a difference!

I will continue to work with all of my colleagues, from every political perspective, in order to find solutions to our City's problems and return to building a great Toronto for all residents.



City Councillor

Ward 22 - St. Paul's East


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