Have a fun and relaxing long weekend!

Dear residents,

Today, I'm in our community, at a safe distance from city hall, working with residents on local issues and priorities for our city. Then, after an exceptionally busy few weeks, I look forward to enjoying this long weekend with my wife and daughter.

I find that its a good idea, especially when political circuses and follies are shamefully upstaging genuine priorities (as they are once again at city hall today), that we all keep a clear focus on what truly matters- the well-being of our families, our neighbourhoods and the city we love.

I wish you all a very fun and relaxing long weekend. Enjoy!

Best regards,


PS- I intend to send out my next community update on next Wednesday with my report on issues such as the casino vote (which may still happen on Tuesday), local priorities and a request for your feedback on upcoming policy debates.

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