Toronto's Port Lands

I believe it is absolutely vital to create a mixed use, green and people-friendly waterfront for Toronto of which we can all be proud.

While it is healthy to review plans, and consider new ideas, I would like council to build onto a decade of work, and millions of dollars invested by Waterfront Toronto rather than hastily shift to a new plan for the port lands.

Moreover, it is paramount that the City of Toronto genuinely consult with its residents before changing plans that were agreed upon through consultation in the first place.

Ultimately, all decisions at city council should be made thoughtfully and responsibly.

Given that so many questions remain unanswered regarding the proposed new course for the port lands, including potential liabilities, the need for new environmental assessments and how it may or may not compliment the investments made into Waterfront Toronto's plan to date, and the fact that there wasn't a genuine public consultation process included before changes were made, I cannot support it.

I will continue working with all of my colleagues to ensure Toronto has a plan for the port lands, and our entire waterfront, that builds on the good work done by Waterfront Toronto.

For more information on the subject, please see this article from the National Post.


Councillor Josh Matlow
Ward 22, St. Paul's
City of Toronto

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